Now that you’ve found your way to my website, let me captivate you for just a moment longer. My name is Makenzie Rae, and I am one of the Most Desirable Mature Companions in Central Florida. Make no mistake – those are not my thoughts, but the comments from gentlemen with whom I’ve had the privilege of spending time with. You can find quotes from gentleman throughout the site for their view of our encounters!

I don’t consider this to be a job as much as it is a passion. That being said I am the type of classical renaissance beauty that will fit seamlessly into any situation. Whether we’re staying tucked behind closed doors or you’re ravishing me on a cruise ship ( I am passport ready) somewhere you won’t soon forget spending time with me.

I have dark blonde hair, baby blue eyes, and soft pale skin that is smooth to the touch. I take very good care of my skin and lead an active and healthy lifestyle. I am 5’4” with natural 38DDD breasts, a small waist, and voluptuous hips. I’m curvaceous and round in all of the right places and trust me – I have no problem showing it off to those who appreciate a full bodied delicacy.

I love spending time with gentlemen of at least 21 years of age or older of any race, nationality or orientation. Make sure you savor each and every word on my website because I will give you a test (with a verbal lashing) if you don’t pass the test. It is my preference that you contact me using the booking form that is on my website. Please be sure to include a note as to what you’re looking for but be sure to skip any type of vulgarities or indiscreet language as those types of emails will be deleted and I will not respond.

I am a Libra and love life. I’m caring, intuitive, and absolutely adore being social with others. Some of my hobbies include dancing and researching my family history. I believe everyone’s past tells a story and I’m thoroughly enjoying learning mine. I am an empathetic and sensual individual and love being able to make people feel special. As hokey as that may sound I truly love to please others and make others feel desired and cared for. Connecting with you one on one will be a true pleasure for me.

Keep reading (I do hope the door is closed) and learn why you should be clicking on the booking form right now to schedule your fantastic, once in a lifetime rendezvous with yours truly.

I can’t wait to indulge you in all of my favorite erotic pleasures.

~ Stats ~

Age: Late 50’s
Hair: Medium Brown/Dark Blonde
Height: 5’4”
Eyes: Blue
Bust: 38DDD
Weight: 180

I am currently on the Keto diet, so please keep that in mind when bringing things to our sessions. Keto is a high protein, low carb diet with great results.

Dress Size: XL/16/18
Shoe Size: 8 – 8 1/2 W
Lingerie: Contact me
Ring Size: Let’s go get sized together!
(This is only for those who would like to make an offer for my hand in marriage. Don’t worry I won’t say yes, but I’m just cheeky enough to keep the ring.)

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