Tardiness is never fun for either of us. If I am coming to you I will keep you up to date on my ETA and I always strive to be as punctual as possible. This should be reciprocated if you are coming to me. If you feel you may miss our rendezvous or be tardy please notify me with a phone call, text or email as soon as you can. I cannot stress enough that punctuality is important as your time is just as valuable as mine. I am not a clock watcher, but please be prepared to compensate me accordingly if you do overstay your time or if you find yourself lost within my satiny embrace and unable to leave I do offer discreet credit card billing if you don’t have the appropriate funds available. If you can’t pay to play any longer than our agreed upon time please pack up your essentials and kiss me good-bye at the end of our session in a timely manner. I don’t want to have to put “could not leave/fell in love/had to kick out unceremoniously” to your name in my client list.

It is my expectation that you will be freshly showered (meaning within the hour and you have not used the restroom since your shower). Due to current circumstances, be prepared to shower upon arriving. Make sure you are shaved/deodorant/clean teeth upon arriving. Razor stubble is a no-no and I’ve prepared my location with fresh shaving cream and disposable razors for you to use if you do have that little bit of a shadow hanging on. I do not smoke and would appreciate it if you do not smoke prior to meeting with me. If you do I have mouth wash and mints available for you to mask the smell with.



No drugs of any kind will be tolerated. Not even if they’re legal in your state. Just…No.

When you enter my den of delight please lay the proper compensation down in basket on table within the first 5 minutes along with your ID. Do NOT at any time mention the compensation or attempt to hand it to me. If you do I will ask you to leave and our date will be at an end. No mention of money or compensation should be spoken out loud. Not even telepathically.

If you wish to use a credit card that must be done prior to the beginning of the date so include that information on the booking form when you contact me. At this time please excuse yourself to use the bathroom and freshen up while I handle business. Even if you’re freshly showered I would appreciate it if you used mouthwash and washed your hands. Those hands will be touching my skin and they should be clean and fresh.


Sometimes I have a friend who just wants to treat me to something special. Gifts are not required, of course, but is a lovely gesture.  Amazon gift cards, e-gift cards from Frederick’s of Hollywood, Bath and Body Works, JCPenny’s are greatly appreciated.  You can also view my Amazon Wish list here as well.

I love gifts and would cherish the opportunity to be treated like your decadent lover with an unopened bottle of white champagne, or even a bottle of water or a stack of lottery tickets. I am particularly fond of cheese, crackers, veggies with dip and nuts. I don’t like fruit and I do love dark chocolate.


I am happy to provide you with a reference but will not do so if we have not spent time together within the previous year. Make sure you include a tidbit about our rendezvous, so she can jog my memory. Ladies, please include your website and a link to where you have reviews, if any. If you don’t have reviews, please include links to your social media where I’m able to establish your legitimacy.

I had the pleasure of meeting Makenzie and all I have to say is wow.  You know when you are walking around the grocery store and see this really hot woman and wonder what it would be like to be in her presence?  Well that is Makenzie.  Words cannot describe how great she is.  She is passionate and and very sensual all at the same time.  She knows how to please and loves to take care you.  She is one in a million and is my ATF.


Happy Client

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