Email (now encrypted and very discrete):

For all new friends, email is the only way to reach me. You are also welcome to send me a message using my booking form below.

Again, if you are a new friend please use the booking form to schedule.

Once you are verified, I am available for a phone chat once only to discuss the deposit arrangements and answer any non-explicit questions you have. Our meeting is not confirmed until your deposit is received (if I request it). I will not call or text you unless a pre-arranged time is agreed on. Trust me, I value discretion.

Gentlemen who message me with a well thought out introduction are preferred. One-line emails are usually sent directly to spam. Don’t get sent to spam.

Just a reminder too to join my newsletter to be kept informed of travel plans, any deals I am having, upcoming news!

I cannot wait to spend time with you and want to thank you again for taking the time to reach out to me.

YEA!!! MY PLACE IS OPEN ON SEPT. 16, 2019. Daily hours are posted on my calendar! Special deal at my place only:                                      

Join newsletter and mention this deal for $100 off at my place just NE of Orlando only!


Oct. 3-7, 2019…..Bensalem, PA.…See Calendar for available times. See Compensation page for rates! Come and celebrate with me on my arrival back to my hometown (well the basic area) and let’s enjoy each other’s company.  Verification is required! Use the booking form to set up a date with me! Just note, I may ask for a deposit so make sure to pre-plan!

Special Incentive for this trip:  Prebook using form, join newsletter and mention this incentive for $100.00 off!


My calendar is kept up to date. Please remember I must have 24 hrs. notice to be able to make sure I can properly accommodate you. More notice may need to be given if a deposit is required.

New hours of availability are: Mon-Fri 10am-6pm & 10pm-11pm; Sat. & Sun. 2pm-6pm & 10pm-11pm

  If there is nothing on the specific date you desire, then I am available.

< October 2019 >
    1 2 3Bensalem, PABensalem, PA5pm to 11pm at my hotel. 4Bensalem, PABensalem, PA8pm to 11pm. 5Bensalem, PABensalem, PA9am to noon only
6Bensalem, PABensalem, PA7pm to 11pm 7Bensalem, PABensalem, PA9am to 11pm 8Not available-TravelingNot available-Traveling 9 10 11 12
13 14Columbus DayColumbus Day 15 16Boss's DayBoss's Day 17 18 19Sweetest DaySweetest Day
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27 28 29 30 31HalloweenHalloween    
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